M3, Inc. takes pride in being an industry leader in on jobsite safety. Safety is the top priority of all our employees. We are committed to protecting the health and welfare of our employees. Our safety record is excellent and our Workers' Compensation modification is outstanding.

All new employees are orientated to our safety policies and expectations. Safety policies are reviewed with each new employee and our handbook is signed by the employee with the knowledge that they will abide to all of our safety regulations.

Safety training occurs on a regular basis for activities such as scaffold building, forklift operations and general site specific topics.

All employees are required to wear company-provided Personal Protective Equipment as each job dictates. Each jobsite has a trained CPR/First Aid foreman, along with a fully stocked first-aid kit and fire extinguisher for employee use.

We are continually maintaining and updating our equipment for maximum efficiency. This has improved our safety rating and increased our productivity.